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Why Use Daily Assurance For Your Telephone Reassurance?


    All you need is a telephone. No pendants to wear or batteries to change.



    We run our service on the internet using the latest cloud technology. While no service is 100% perfect, we are pretty close. Maintaining the service on the cloud allows us to run without worrying about hardware failures or power outages.



    Up to two (2) calls per day for a fat low price of $19.95/month. That is it. No long term contracts! You can cancel anytime.


Medical alert pendant services can be very helpful, however...

    There are situations where the pendant is not enough.

    1) You may be disabled or disoriented and cannot push the button

    2) You forget to wear the device

    3) The device may be out of battery

    Have more questions? Please email us at or call us at (858) 215-5325 Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.(PST) and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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    Note: Daily Assurance is not a medical or emergency service. We do not provide medical assistance or advice. Please contact your physician or 911 if you are experiencing an emergency.

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    There is no need for special equipment of difficult setup. The service works using your standard home telephone...

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  • why use daily assurance

    Simple to use and affordable pricing.

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    Make caring for seniors easier with our automated calling service and web portal.

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