Helping you help seniors in your community.

Organizations and Caregivers

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Are you a police department, church, senior center or caregiver that want to offer a telephone reassurance service to seniors in your community? Daily Assurance can come along side and help. Our web site for organizations features an easy to use interface for managing daily calls for multiple seniors. You can change calling times, add/delete seniors to the service, customize notification methods, and see the overall daily status for each senior under your care.

Automating the daily calls frees up valuable time so you can focus on providing additional service to your senior community.

Contact us at (858)215-5325 or for organizational price information and a no obligation free trial.


  • how does it work?

    There is no need for special equipment or difficult setup. The service works using your standard home telephone...

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  • why use daily assurance

    Simple to use and affordable pricing.

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  • organization

    Make caring for seniors easier with our automated calling service and web portal.

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