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    Telephone Reassurance is an established program that has provided comfort and security to many seniors living alone. Daily Assurance uses the latest in cloud computing to bring you one of the most reliable and affordable telephone reassurance services in the market.


How Does Telephone Reassurance Work?

Our service is easy to use! Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: You will receive a phone call each day at the time(s) specified.

    Step 2: When you answer the phone and say “hello”, you will be asked to verify that you are ok by pressing the number “1” on your keypad. Once you have pressed the number “1” you are checked-in and can hang up.

    Step 3: If you miss the call, the service will call you two (2) more times, at five (5) minute intervals.

    Step 4: If there is still no check-in, Daily Assurance will contact your designated care person via the selected manner - email, text, or phone - to further investigate.


Easy to Customize

    We know you may have things to do such as doctors appointments, errands to run, or vacation plans. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to customize your service!

    You can make changes by logging in to our website or using your telephone. The website is available 24 hours a day for you to sign in and edit your account. You can also call in to our service phone number and proactively check-in to skip the next call or suspend service for a few days.


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    Note: Daily Assurance is not a medical or emergency service. We do not provide medical assistance or advice. Please contact your physician or 911 if you are experiencing an emergency.

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    There is no need for special equipment or difficult setup. The service works using your standard home telephone...

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    Simple to use and affordable pricing.

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    Make caring for seniors easier with our automated calling service and web portal.

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