The Best Telephone Reassurance Program.

About Us

Daily Assurance is headquartered in sunny San Diego and was founded in 2010.



At Daily Assurance our mission is to build a reliable and affordable telephone reassurance service that is easy to use.


Our Solution

Our solution is based on the latest in telephony technology that can make thousands of calls a second with great voice clarity.


Is It Right For You?

Daily Assurance is here to help by providing automated daily telephone reassurance calls that can be easily tailored to your needs. If you desire independence but could use a daily peace of mind that is affordable, get started with a no obligation free trial or read more about the service below. Please click here to find out how the service works!

  • how does it work?

    There is no need for special equipment or difficult setup. The service works using your standard home telephone...

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  • why use daily assurance

    Simple to use and affordable pricing.

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  • organization

    Make caring for seniors easier with our automated calling service and web portal.

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